Waylandscape. Fine Art Landscape Photography of England, Scotland, Wales and Norway by Photographer Gary Waidson aka. Wayland. Award Winning Images of British and Scandinavian Mountains and coastlines. Landscapes of Lake District, Snowdonia, Highlands and Northumbria. Castles, Ruins, Rocks and Lighthouses. Atmospheric Landscape photographs of the UK.
Castlerigg -  Circle of Fire - Waylandscape. Fine Art Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson

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You won’t find any fancy Flash galleries here, I’m a photographer not a web designer, so I try to keep things simple.

These are not galleries in the traditional sense either. More like the illustrated pages of a journal. I hope they reveal something more of the locations than just a simple view, as that is such a tiny part of  really being present in a place.

There are a number of different ways to navigate these galleries, which may  result in different journeys depending on your preferences.

If you want to follow the pictures chronologically, start with the  earliest or the latest by following the clockwise or anticlockwise link  icons here and on the picture pages like the ones below below, or choose a year to start at and move forward or back from there..

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If you prefer to move geographically,  you can navigate by clicking the ancient regions on the buttons on the  map at the left of each page.

If you prefer to follow your eyes rather than any other logic. You might enjoy the visual chaos of the Mosaic page.


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You may find that some of these galleries are not yet fully active for the simple reason that there are many pictures yet to be taken. Locations yet to be visited. There may also be pages that do not yet have much information about the pictures. I make no apologies for that, I’d rather be making pictures than writing about them, but be patient, I will get around to them all before too long.

Ultimately I suspect this site will never be truly finished until I am no longer able to lift my camera or step out into the wilderness.          So many  wonderful places.....     So very little time.....

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As with all of life’s journeys, I hope  you enjoy exploring as much as I do and as I have often found with locations, I hope you will find returning for another look, worthwhile in the future.

You can also find a simple new Still Life Gallery here.

This site is currently undergoing a major overhaul.

I started to build it in 2003 and download speeds have improved a lot  since then, so I am slowly going through it all and increasing the size and quality of the earlier pictures.

Please be patient, it’s a mammoth task that I have to fit between other commitments. I’ll get there eventually but it’s just not going to happen overnight.

Don’t worry, it should still retain the unique style and character that so many of you have told me that you enjoy.

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